Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Jesus on a stick day!

"Happy Jesus on a stick Day!"

This was what greeted me on Facebook last Easter from several of my non-believing friends.  

I know they meant it to be funny, ironic, cynical, and all that but daggum, ouch!  

Aside from the fact that it wasn't entirely chronologically accurate (Jesus was crucified on Good Friday, not Easter Sunday) it was just downright hurtful.  It would be almost the same as me coming up to you and being like "Hey, remember when your Grandfather passed away and was in so much pain on his death bed?  Wasn't that hysterical?"  You would probably unfriend me virtually and in real life pretty quick.  

You see, Jesus is my friend.  He's my savior, He's who I come to with my problems and my pain, He's who I come to with my thanksgiving and my joy.  He's my example for what I should be when walking this earth until I'm called home to Heaven   I fall short many, many, many times but when I repent and turn back to him I know that he will always be there to pick me up, dust me off, and help me back onto the path he has set before me.

I follow Him and His word not to win his favor or earn my way into Heaven (like I could!) but because I already have through God's love and the work of the cross and placing my eternal trust in Him.

Today is Good Friday.  Today all those many years ago, He breathed His last breath and proclaimed "It is finished!"  Today his followers were scared and alone, but take heart brethren Sunday is coming and death has lost it's sting!

"Jesus paid it all!  All to Him I owe!
Sin that left a crimson stain, He washed it white as Snow!"