Friday, November 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday - Issue 2

Here we are once again joining in on Jen's 7 Quick Takes Fun!

1. Yeah, so I totally wimped out and didn't go to one blessed store this early morning. Instead I fed my daughter at 5AM and then went back to bed. I looked at all the papers and websites last night and I just couldn't find anything that would justify me going out into the madness this morning. I mean if I wanted to fight over 400 thread count sheets I can stay home and do that in my own bed with Jun.

2. Every year I am increasingly annoyed in our culture's totally pushing Thanksgiving aside and muscling Christmas ever closer to the forefront. This time I was really ticked that Black Friday was being pushed into Thanksgiving. Not only were we expected to drop our turkey sandwiches and rush out to the mall at 9pm on Thanksgiving night but so were the store employees! Not cool man, not cool. Let me enjoy my tryptophan coma!

3. Yesterday's festivities were awesome! We didn't have to do anything except pick up our meal with all the trimmings at Cracker Barrel, which let me tell you was worth every penny of the $49.99 cost! The food was good, we have leftovers for today, and I didn't have to do anything! Awesome! Honorable mention goes to Publix for their pecan pie which normally I'm not a big fan of but was really good and did the trick in pushing me ever closer to a diabetic crisis!

4. Yesterday I also dusted off the old Dahon and went out on the Upper Tampa Bay trail for the first time since Josephine came onto the scene. Holy Sore Legs Batman! Am I out of shape! I did manage to do 7 miles, but just barely and I'm sure there were a few cyclists out there who were a little concerned that I was going to pass out from the looks I was getting.

5. As some of you may or may not know I am a documentary junkie. I'm the one who gets excited about instant watch docs that are on Netflix. This week was no exception as I watched Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox. Most people know about the hippy soap with the strange ranting messages on the labels but this goes into what Dr. Bronner was all about and his family the keeps the soap making, crazy label empire going. I saw the soap at Target and I'm very tempted to buy some as it's supposed to be not only good for your body but can be used as part of your housecleaning supplies. I am intrigued.

6. Right now I am compiling a playlist for Shiki's Christmas music. It's Bing, Frank, Vince Guarldi, and Johnny Mathis all the way!

7. Also I don't know why Thanksgiving weekend spells Bond-a-thon, but apparently it does. We watched Quantum of Solace last night and are now watching View to a Kill with all it's awesome 80's cheesiness! Oh Roger Moore, you had me at "floating ice berg transport vessel"!

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