Friday, November 18, 2011

Dong what happened to our automobile?

Here in Tampa-land, every November/December they have the Motor Trends Car Show at the Convention Center. Jun and I didn't go last year but this year we decided to give it a whirl because there are a few cars we've been eye-balling for a potential second commuter car for Jun. The Maxima is fine and dandy but it's not as fuel efficient as we would like plus it requires premium fuel. No Bueno.

I like going to the Auto show because all the major car companies bring out the goods and you pay a ticket fee to come in and take a look-see without the annoying salesperson salivating like a Pavlovian Beagle hoping to score a biscuit. Yes, I will pay money to not be harassed by sales people. If only they would do this at Victoria's Secret.

I have to say we were really not impressed this year. Especially with Nissan. The two cars I wanted to look at were not there at all the Quest and the Cube; also what were they thinking with the Juke?

Honda had the new Civic to look at which was by far the best commuter car that we saw but I really wanted to compare the cargo capacity to that of the Cube since the MPG is really similar for both. I am intrigued about driving a car that vaguely resembles the spurned love child between a space ship and a refrigerator.