Monday, December 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Vol 3 - Late Edition

I'm a few days late, but better late then never I say! I'm joining Jen once again for 7 Quick Takes!

1. The beginning of this past week was a bit rough. Josephine was on a sleep strike and just when I had gotten her back to sleep at 5AM, our smoke alarm battery decided to die. I really need to be a responsible adult and start switching out those batteries when the time change occurs but alas I am not! Also, why do they never go off during daylight hours? Can someone please explain that to me?

2. Thankfully we were very busy at Shiki this past weekend! I got to see some customers I had not seen in a long time and that always makes me smile!

3. Christmas shopping has officially begun at Casa Kuramochi, although this year I am determined to do all my shopping on-line. I cannot fathom going to the mall, especially with Josephine in tow. Plus most places are offering free shipping plus coupon-codes galore! What did we do before the internet?

4. If Jospehine is amenable I will be starting our Christmas decoration campaign and trying to figure out where to put our Christmas tree this year. I love our town home but it's time like this that a little more space would be nice.

5. I caved and bought a bar of Dr. Bronner's Magical Soap this past week and it really is quite magical. I bought the peppermint and it leaves your skin feeling nice and tingly after your shower and as an added bonus we used it during Jaco's bath this past week and for once he doesn't smell like old shoes! Nice!

6. For all of us living in Tampa land we are all familiar with the St. Pete Pier. The original upside down pyramid design is going the way of the Dodo and they have gotten 3 sketches for the new design for the public to choose from. They are all a little . . . well odd, but this one takes the cake!

My question is this: Does it come with it's own evil overlord?

7. I have started watching that new show Grimm on NBC. Total cheese-tastic fantasy but who wouldn't like a modern take on the old Brother's Grimm fairy tales?

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