Saturday, December 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes - Volume 4

Once again, it's that time to join Jen over at Conversion Diary for 7 Quick takes. I promise after the holidays I'll have something more to say but for right now this is all I got!

1. Josephine and I got the Christmas tree up this past Monday. Well mostly it was me, she just laid out on my yoga mat and babbled at the ceiling and ironically I found her to be the most stimulating conversation I've had this week.

2. As a result of taking down the Christmas tree from out tiny attic I have four fresh bruises in various spots on my body and am covered in glitter even now after a week. It looks like I've been in a fight with Tinkerbell or a Disco Ball. Take your pick.

3. I watched Crazy, Stupid, Love last night and meh, it was OK. I loved Ryan Gosseling's character when he was giving Steve Carrell a man make-over. "He likes slapping me in the face!"

4. I am HORRIBLE at decorating, but every time I look at this woman's blog I think "Hey, maybe I can do this!".

5. Our Roomba has unfortunately met an untimely demise and our downstairs looks like a an old western movie with dog hair tumbleweeds gently blowing in the A/C wind. In my dreams I will get a new Dyson at some point. First pay the hospital off, then get a Dyson. Yeah that sounds somewhat responsible.

6. I recently read this article about introverts (thanks Lisa!) and I think it's absolutely spot on! As an introvert it's so funny that people automatically correlate introvert with shy which is totally not the case. I'm no wall-flower but social situations absolutely exhaust me. Especially parties. Lord I am awful at small talk. I especially liked the bit about the reason introverts get so exhausted from social situations is because we don't need as much Dopamine as extraverts do and when we are stimulated too much it basically overwhelms us.

7. On my hippy dippy quest for household cleaners I bought some vinegar and some tea tree oil to make a floor spray solution for my libman mop. Works pretty good and the tea tree makes my house not smell like salt and vinegar chip. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


  1. i'm so with you on being an introvert! church drains me. (i'm a pastor's wife.)

  2. Hi Jen. Enjoyed your post. I found your blog through 7 Quick Takes. I love my Roomba and would miss it dearly if it broke! My husband's an introvert and yet also a performer (if you go to my blog's 7 Quick Takes - Dec 9, you'll see a video of my husband and three of my sons performing). I'm a Catholic author of three novels and a non-fiction book and mother of five. God bless you and your family!