Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where you been at?


So yeah, it's been a year.  

I'm not dead as many of you know, I'm just lazy.  Not really pressing toward those goals eh?  

Anyhoo, been raising the kid, running the Sushi Bar, digging through past hurts, hang-ups, and habits (What up CR?!!), and just generally living life.  

However today, I feel the itch.   You know that itch, the itch to create.  The itch to connect.  The itch to make a few cave drawings on this vast expanse known as the internet.  While it's no Lascaux, it'll do. 

Side note: Were the caves of Lascaux early man's crappy first drafts?  Discuss.  

So there you go, I'm back.  

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